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   If you're browsing the web for the best bang for you buck pool maintenance service in your Irvine home, congratulations! We're right here. Your pool provides you with countless hours of fun and relaxation. We understand that. We also value a good clean pool. Regardless of shape, color, or aroma we got you covered. We're a local company specializing in keeping family’s pools safe and clean here in Irvine, California. We specialize in acid washing, tile cleaning, and even regular week to week maintenance. We pride ourselves in the best customer service, promptness, and doing the job right the first time. We pledge to work with only the best equipment, chemicals, and people. We carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee with everything that we do, so you have nothing to worry about. Like people, pools come in all shapes and sizes that’s why we don't have a one size fits all price tag on our services. But if you want to know before we start on anything feel free to contact us. We respect your privacy and you will not hear from unsolicited business from our end. Get a special coupon as well! 


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What we can do for you and your pool. 


Chemical check

We check to see if all your chemicals are in balance. We monitor pH, alkalinity, chlorine, TDS, cyanuric acid, phosphate level, calcium hardness, and salt. We do this because many people do not realize that prevention is better than fixing the problem once its occured. Not just in costs but in headache and time. For example, If pool water is not kept within a pH level of 7.2 to 7.6, the imbalance can create problems in the pool. A pH below 7 can cause corrosion, irritated eyes or skin, and cause wrinkling of the liner. A pH of 8 can cause the chlorine to be inefficient, can make the pool cloudy, or cause the filter to be overworked and may cause it to choke. We can check in every now and then and make sure everything is up and running smoothly. It’s so much easier to see the pH level right there and then, fix the issue, rather than waiting for the filter to break or having to replace the walls of the pool because of the corrosion caused by an acidic pH level. This is just the pH level, we make sure to check up on all factors both before we start or leave, you know, because we do things right the first time.


Feature 2

Brush Tile and Pool Walls:

We make sure that your tile is clean, keeping away any calcium fragments trying to invade your waters. If your pool is plaster, fiberglass or vinyl, we brush the walls as well. We recommend that your pool should be brushed 2 times a week but at the very least at least once a week. If you're skimming your pool twice a week, take a few extra minutes to brush it as well. We can show you how too, but it’s pretty simple like brushing your teeth, but bigger.

Empty Baskets:

The skimmer, pump, and leaf canister all become full over time. We empty those out, clean them up, and put them right back where they belong. You're welcome.


Put finishing touches:





Green to Clean

Pools that aren't cleaned in a regular basis, will eventually be overrun by algae. But don't worry, we'll clean and take care of it for you.

By using our experience and knowledge, we can use our team of experts to clean your green pool without draining the entire water. We can turn green into clean, and have swimmers enjoying it within 2 days. Algae is caused by algae spores, these spores can come from dirty swimsuits, wind, or rain. When these spores do make it into the pool, they usually get picked up by the filter. However, stagnant water leaves them to sit in the water. Combine this with low chlorine levels, high/low pH levels, well you got yourself a recipe for a green pool.  It's easier to prevent than to clean once it's green, but then again we got you covered so it'll never happen again.


The Process:

1)Use Skimmer to remove debris/leaves/bees

-The first thing we do before we clean a pool is take our any leaves, bugs, debris, etc using a skimmer. We do this because we don't want any of the junk on the surface to reach the bottom and create any stains, which would be harder to remove as time went on.

2)Brush, Brush, Brush

We then take out brushes and remove any dirt that moved to the side or bottom of the pool. We brush the trash toward the main drain so we can easily vacuum it later on.

3) Check water circulation, chemical balance, etc

The pool’s circulation would include the pump, pump drainer, drains, and filter. This system aids the chemicals like chlorine efficiently around the clock to keep the water clean. We check the levels of the chemicals and add the necessary balance to keep things running smoothly.

4)Check Filter

We check what kind of filter your pool has - sand, cartridge, vertical grid DE, or other - and make sure it's working well.

5) Pool shock

Pool shock refers to the adding of chemicals such as chlorine to destroy any bacteria, chlorimites, and algae. Do not go into the pool when its under pool shock, high levels of chlorine can cause permanent skin damage.